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Main Points from Laqueur, “Discovery of the Sexes A) “The reproductive organs went from being paradigmatic sites for displaying hierarchy . . . to being the foundation of incommensurable difference.” -Prior to the 18 th century, people believed that there was only one sex, and women were being looked at as a mutated version of a man (inverted males), with much less power. B) “The body is the body is the body.” -Here, he is differentiating between the mind and the body. The body is in fact just a body, it does not determine who we are as people. Yet, “Distinct sexual anatomy [between males and females] was adduced to support or deny all manner of claims in a variety of specific social, economic, political, cultural, or erotic contexts.” The body became the main source of “evidence” in all such arguments (rather than, for example, theoretical principles of equality such as those of the French and American Revolutions). C)
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