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AP Exam Essay #3 Emily Rushton 4/19/07 6 th hour College English Carefully read the two poems below. Then in a well-organized essay compare the speakers’ reflections on their early morning surroundings and analyze the techniques the poets use to communicate the speakers’ different states of mind. “Five AM” and “Five Flights Up,” are two very similar poems that discuss the authors’ reflections of their early morning surroundings, according to two very different perspectives. The first poem, “Five AM,” by the Estate of William Stafford, is a piece that reflects and depicts a person running from their problems while observing their surroundings. The statement, “where are my troubles?” alludes to this fact and also that the runner finds peace during the morning. The author’s descriptive tone allows the reader to picture himself or herself alongside the runner in the poem. The second poem, “Five Flights Up”, by Elizabeth Bishop, is a piece that portrays
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