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APA - Oedipus Complex - Hamlets Oedipus Complex 1 He...

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Hamlet’s Oedipus Complex 1 He debated within himself about going through with his plan to seek revenge against Claudius for not only the murder of his father King Hamlet, but also the incestuous marriage to his mother Gertrude. His insanity illustrated his true feelings and unhealthy desire for his mother that was once buried underneath the grief of his father’s death. Most who suffer from this complex are unaware of their surreptitious desire until lived out in an Oedipal dream, or contact with the parent. Hamlet however, is fueled by his immoral thoughts to seek revenge on his Uncle, and marry his mother. Wikipedia (2007) states that although the complex is most commonly referred to as ‘suffering from an Oedipus complex,’ psychoanalysis doesn’t consider the disorder a disease or ailment, but instead a normal stage that all adolescents experience. Wikipedia (2007) also refers to the complex as “a normal stage in development.” When children age’s three to five identify with the parent of the opposite sex, and then repress their sexual instincts, the complex will no longer exist. Failing to overcome the disorder will result in the relationship of the mother and son or father and daughter to become incestuous and the child to suffer from a personality disorder
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APA - Oedipus Complex - Hamlets Oedipus Complex 1 He...

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