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Emily Rushton 10/23/06 6 th hour College English Throughout life, a thing that was once significant to you, changes, and suddenly become yesterday’s news. When I was younger, Christmas was the biggest day of the year. This was a day where I received presents, didn’t have to go to school for two weeks and enjoyed the winter wonderland outside my door. What more could a child ask for than presents and no school? While I was young, I never really understood the importance of giving at Christmas, rather than receiving. All I was worried about was that I got what I wanted, and if I didn’t, I would hope that Santa Claus would still bring me something I would like. Christmas morning was the most climactic ending of the year for me. I would count the days until I would get to open my presents. When the morning finally came, I would heap my presents together, and then see how fast I could charge through them, throwing paper every which way. Once all my presents had been opened, I
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