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Have a notochord surrounded by cartilaginous arches

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Unformatted text preview: •! have a notochord surrounded by cartilaginous arches. <- not calcium vertebrate •! explain the position of the notochord •! explain where the nerve cord lies •! show a vertebra Chordate phylogeny including two extinct groups of fish † 1 2 3 † 4 loses the bone 5 1: Cranium 2: Vertebrae 3: Bone 4: Jaws 5: Bone lost 1. cranium: cartilage that protects the skull (brain) 2. vertebrae: only talking about the cartilaginous arches 3. bone How do vertebrae form developmentally? ---------------------- from solid notochord •! segmented muscle blocks non-segmented notochord in embryo as an embryo you have a notochord that is embedded on segmented muscle blocks. as you start to develop, the notochord starts to break down (in the region b/ the 2 s...
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