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Sept july may mar jan 0 glassy winged sharpshooters 2

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Unformatted text preview: s and begin laying egg masses in late February through May. This first generation matures as adults in late May through late August. Secondgeneration egg masses are laid starting in midJune through late September, which develop into over-wintering adults. • Only animal listed as possible “bioterror” agent by US DHS This informational brochure was produced by ANR Communication Services for the University of California Pierce’s Disease Research and Emergency Response Task Force. You may download a copy of the brochure from the Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources web site at http://danr.ucop.edu or from the Communication Services web site at http://danrcs.ucdavis.edu. For local information, contact your UC Cooperative Extension farm advisor: FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA’S PIERCE’S DISEASE RESEARCH AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE TASK FORCE 42 Thursday, December 6, 12 Xylem feeding insects also very successful 43 Thursday, December 6, 12 Xylem and Phloem xylem= nutrient poor From Lodish et al. 2000 44 Thursday, December 6, 12 Animal nutrition • Xylem is frequently missing essential amino acids, vitamins and Co-Factors, and has only small amounts of carbon skeletons 45 Thursday, December 6, 12 Plant response to sap feeders • Possible solutions to no aa, vitamins, etc in xylem Eat other things Evolve metabolic pathways to synthesize missing nutrients Find some poor sap to make the stuff for you 46 Thursday, December 6, 12 symbionts in their bacteriomes bacteriomes Sharpshooter: Cuerna sayi “Candidatus Baumannia cicadellinicola” (Gammaproteoba in “red” portion of bacteriome of Domalodisca vitripennis H Takiya N=host nucleus B=Bacteriocyte membrane E=Endosym Candidatus “Baumannia cicadellinicola” (Gammaproteobacteria) Irregu ~2 !m Candidatus “Sulcia muelleri” (Bacteroidetes) Moran et al....
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