Provide the tactical steps necessary to achieve the

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Unformatted text preview: goals? Provide the tactical steps necessary to achieve the goals Example levers and associated decisions Facilities: Location and focus of factories and other facilities How many facility to have? Which facility should focus on what market, process or product? 9 Capacity: Magnitude and timing of capacity expansion Vertical Integration: Make or buy Product design, make components, final assembly, distribute Operations Strategy Example levers and associated decisions (cont.) Quality Management: Means to achieve quality targets Process control, Taguchi methods Others: supply chain management, new products, process and technology, human resources Inventory management: purchasing, distribution and logistics decisions When and how much to order? Production planning and scheduling: systems for controlling and planning production Policies at each lever must be consistent with objectives …and also among themselves 10 Frameworks for Inventory Management Complexity Diversity of items Distinct items: cost, weight, volume, color, shape, packaging, perishability, demand characteristics, service expectations, etc. Given that a specific item is to be stocked at a particular location, resolve the following issues: 11 How often the inventory status should be determined When a replenishment order should be placed How large the replenishment order should be Frameworks for Inventory Management Frameworks to reduce the complexity of managing thousands of items Functional Classification: 6 broad decision categories for controlling inventories 1...
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