COMM 256 - Exam 1 - "We do not simply speak language,...

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“We do not simply speak language, language also speaks us.” - Language makes us who we are. “What is significant is the person’s attitude to an unalterable fate.” - The person who hides from the world, closed to new experiences, fears love because of commitment, or doesn’t dare new challenges for fear of failure is making their life meaningless. - “We experience ourselves as a horizon.” - When certain events occur we become transparent to ourselves and get lost in the experience and become the horizon. - We have no hopes and desires. - At a strip club, sexual object (girl) and ATM Machine (guy). There is no human presence. Time-binding - The process of selecting, and combining together various elements of past times and generations to make something that did not exist before. - Dogs live in here and now. While they know squirrels are for chasing, they only know it when they see one. They can’t talk about the squirrel they chased last Monday. Price of human communication: Of Dogs and People (end)
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COMM 256 - Exam 1 - "We do not simply speak language,...

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