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Self Esteem and Social Interaction - Human beings have a need to “expand” life force. This need to be beyond one’s immediate self is the heroic drive . - Heroic drive may take the form of: o Cultural achievement (high status career) o Victory in a competition with others o Leading (and following) other human beings o An intense experience of peak moment through art, religion, sex, or athletics - The heroic drive towards specialness is called self-esteem . - A person who pulls back from embodying heroism lives the life of the “wasteland”. o Life without passion, without integrity, or zeal o Tragically wasting time - Any given culture is a “hero system” that provides roles to embody heroism.
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Unformatted text preview: -The drive towards heroism has two needs: o Agape – People are driven to merge with a group, community, or a purpose larger than one’s self. Heroic Belonging If you go agape may not develop yourself o Eros – The need to stand out and apart from one’s cohorts. Heroic Distinction From erotic (something that makes you more than yourself) If you go eros may pull away from others-People also need to crave heroes and seek extraordinary people. o We need to follow someone o People project their own power and ability onto their heroes o Heroes cast a nexus of “unfreedom” around their followers (Hitler, Osama bin Laden)...
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