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Self Esteem and Social Interaction - Human beings have a need to “expand” life force. This need to be beyond one’s immediate self is the heroic drive . - Heroic drive may take the form of: o Cultural achievement (high status career) o Victory in a competition with others o Leading (and following) other human beings o An intense experience of peak moment through art, religion, sex, or athletics - The heroic drive towards specialness is called self-esteem . - A person who pulls back from embodying heroism lives the life of the “wasteland”. o Life without passion, without integrity, or zeal o Tragically wasting time - Any given culture is a “hero system” that provides roles to embody heroism.
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Unformatted text preview: -The drive towards heroism has two needs: o Agape People are driven to merge with a group, community, or a purpose larger than ones self. Heroic Belonging If you go agape may not develop yourself o Eros The need to stand out and apart from ones cohorts. Heroic Distinction From erotic (something that makes you more than yourself) If you go eros may pull away from others-People also need to crave heroes and seek extraordinary people. o We need to follow someone o People project their own power and ability onto their heroes o Heroes cast a nexus of unfreedom around their followers (Hitler, Osama bin Laden)...
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