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lec_05_Development - Lecture 5-Development Physical peak in...

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Lecture 5—Development Physical peak in mid-20’s I. Infant Capabilities a. Rooting Reflex – baby’s tendency when touched on the cheek to open mouth and reach for the nipple b. Sucking Reflex – causes baby to suck on anything that touches his or her face. i. Sucking – Measured in terms of its frequency and duration during exposure to it’s mother’s voice. ii. Sucking diminishes to – sounds and other voices . iii. Sucking increases in response to mother’s voice. Biologically prepared to respond to mother. c. Grasping Reflex – causes babies to clasp their fingers around anything that is put in their hands. d. Average ages i. 0 Months – fetal posture ii. 1 month – chin up iii. 2 months – chest up iv. 7 months – sit alone v. 14 months – stand alone vi. 15 months – walk alone e. Skeels and dye 1939 i. Iranian orphanage: impoverished environment ii. Only 42% sit without support age 2 iii. Only 15% walk unaided age 4 iv. Environmental stimulation is necessary for cerebral cortex to develop f. Breast feeding – provide important psychological benefits to the baby g.
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