Kaistackr 7 cs204 discrete math fall 2009

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Unformatted text preview: … CS204 Discrete Math (Fall 2009) jinah@cs.kaist.ac.kr 7 CS204 Discrete Math (Fall 2009) jinah@cs.kaist.ac.kr 8 Pigeonhole Principle Homework #7 • Let f be a function from a finite set X into a fi finite set Y. Suppose that |X|=n and |Y|=m. Let th |X| |Y| k= n/m . Then there are at least k values a1, … , ak X such that f(a1) = f(a2) = … f(ak). such that f(a f(a f( • Due: October 19 (Monday) 11 AM October 19 (Monday) 11 AM • [6.4] #22 • [6.8] #6, 12 #6 12 • Examples – In any group of six people, at least three must be...
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