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Lecture 8— Personality I. Intelligence a. 2 Types i. Crystallized Intelligence – Increases with age ii. Fluid Intelligence – Decreases with age b. Recognition – Stays the same with old age c. Recall – Decreases with age d. Staying active promotes better mental functioning (ex-rats in stimulating environment had more brain connections than those that did not) II. Death a. Kubler-Ross’s 5 Stages i. Denial of the terminal condition ii. Anger and resentment (why me?) iii. Bargaining with God (or physicians) for more time iv. Depression stemming from the impending loss of everything and everyone v. Peaceful acceptance of one’s fate vi. Not everyone gets to the last stage Personality I. Barnum Effect a. Our tendency to accept as valid descriptions of our personality that are generally true of everyone. b. Ex – horoscope, fortune tellers, etc. II. Bio-Psycho-Social Model a. Bio – Biology
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Unformatted text preview: i. Brain abnormalities ii. Chemical imbalances iii. Genetic predispositions b. Psycho Psychological i. Freud relationships influential in a persons personality whether positive or negative. ii. Other relation theories iii. Self psychology iv. Humanistic c. Socio Cultural i. Kind of culture you are from will greatly affect your personality because different cultures value different things. If you have what the culture values, life will be easy, lower stress. 1. People with low stress have a different personality than people with high stress III. Personality tests a. Objetives i. Self report inventories ii. 16 personality factor iii. MMPI b. Projectives i. TAT Thematic acroception test ii. Rorsachach Series of ink blots iii. House tree person iv. Sentence completion v. Squiggle test...
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lec_09_Intelligence_and_Personality - i. Brain...

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