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Short Paper 1 - Nick Blossom Short Paper 1 - On the passage...

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Nick Blossom Short Paper 1 - On the passage on page 158 By this passage, Wood hopes to give us a sense of how important Franklin's anger at the British Empire was. He makes it known that Franklin was proud of his control over his emotions, but in the case of the Revolution, his emotions were a very large factor. He then gives us some very compelling reasons why Franklin might have been so angry. The purpose of the passage is to help the reader understand why Franklin was so emotionally invested in the revolution, and the significance of this investment. Being human, we, the readers, know that it is all too commonplace for people to act based on their emotions, so Wood emphasizes the fact that Franklin tried to keep his "personal Resentments [and] Public Business"(p.158) separate as a rule and indeed took pride in this. Wood offers evidence of Franklin following this rule other places in the text, so there is weight to those words. For example, on his first trip to England, "Franklin the innocent youth was stunned"(p.28) when Governor Keith went back on a promise made to Franklin, but in public, it seemed not to phase him, and he immediately went "too seek work as a printer"(p.29) and "made his way about with great ease"(p.29) and right after the episode of the Stamp Act, we see Franklin in a "rough patch"(p.121) as far as public opinion was concerned but not letting "'the unthinking undiscerning Multitude' determine his mood."(p.121) This makes "his deep anger and
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Short Paper 1 - Nick Blossom Short Paper 1 - On the passage...

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