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04 publickeycrypto

Certicomcom a canadian based company is one of

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Unformatted text preview: respectively Certicom (http://www.certicom.com, a canadian-based company, is one of Certicom the leading companies for ECC commercialization ECC Vs. RSA ECC Shorter keys (equivalent key sizes: Shorter ~150bits Vs. 1024bits of RSA) and thus, shorter signature as well. Fast and compact implementations, Fast especially in hardware => Advantageous in environments with limited bandwidth and storage, e.g. wireless applications, smartcards, embedded systems Shorter history of cryptanalysis (since Shorter early 90’s) Complex mathematical description Complex No patents for the cryptosystems No themselves, but many on the implementation optimization Shorter signature generation time Shorter Shorter key generation time Shorter Larger no. of operations for attacks Larger against the algorithm RSA Proven technology, Proven Widely deployed and used in a Widely large set of general applications Efficient software implementation Efficient Longer history of cryptanalysis Longer (since late 70’s) Patent expired in 2000 Patent Shorter signature verification time Shorter Larger Memory requirements for Larger attacks against the algorithm ECC Vs. RSA (cont’d): Equivalent Key-size to support same level of Security RSA PKC Elliptic Curve PKC Key Size MIPS-Years to Crack 512 3 x 104 768 2 x 108 1024 3 x 1011 Key Size MIPS-Years to Crack 150 3.8 x 1010 205 7.1 x 1018 1280 1 x 1014 234 1.6 x 1028 1536 3 x 1016 2048 3 x 1020 Example: Equivalent key-sizes given current acceptable security level of 4.12x1012 MIPS-year: RSA : ECC : Symmetric cipher, (e.g. AES) = 1024:163:79 [ Ref: 1GHz Pentium PC ~= 250 MIPS] Relative Performance: ECC Vs. RSA (cont’d) Estimated Relative Time units of Encryption/Decryption and/or Key-exchange (source: RSA) RSA DH ECC ECC with acceleration Initiate contact (Public Key) 1 32 18 N/A Receive message (Private Key) 13 16 6 2 Estimated Relative Time units of Digital signing and verification (source: RSA) RSA DSA ECC ECC with acceleration Sign (Private Key) 13 17 7 2 Verify (Public Key) 1 33 19 N/A Some Cryptographic predictions by the S. of RSA: AES will remain secure for the forseeable future AES Some PK schemes and key sizes will be successfully attacked Some in the next few years Crypto will be invisibly everywhere Crypto Vulnerabilities will be visibly everywhere Vulnerabilities Crypto research will remain vigorous, but only its simplest ideas Crypto will become practically useful Non-crypto security will remain a mess Non...
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