In other words which reaction did you run circle the

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Unformatted text preview: ou run?) Circle the best answer. OH Na2Cr2O7 PCC O H2SO4, H2O O NaBH4, H2O OH e) O O 1) LiAlH4 ("LAH") OCH3 O -3- CH3OH, H+ 2) H2O OCH3 OCH3 -4- CHEM342S13 Practice Exam 2 CHEM342S13 Practice Exam 2 10. (20 points) Complete the reactions below with the missing reactants needed to carry out the transformations shown in good yield.If not specified and more than one step is needed, label the steps 1), 2), 3), etc. 11. (16 points) Draw in the missing reagents and/or organic starting materials. a) a) H3C O N 1) PPh3 CH3 2) BuLi 3) b) , H+ O...
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