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Unformatted text preview: N OH b) ( - H2O) H+ c) O O H OH OCH3 OH O OH H a carbonyl compound c) d) (1) Na O OH H3CH2CH2CO (2) e) H3CH2CO -5- OCH2CH3 O + 2 CH3CH2OH -6- CHEM342S13 Practice Exam 2 CHEM342S13 Practice Exam 2 12. (6 points) Show how to synthesize 3-hexanone starting from bromopropane (shown) and using organic compounds with 3 C or less. You may use any inorganic reagent. You do not need to show any mechanisms (!), but please show intermediate compounds and all reagents necessary to produce the desired product in good yield. (Hint: if stuck, start with what you do know…) 13. (9 points) Draw a good arrow-pushing mechanism for the following reaction. Show all intermediates and show the flow of electrons for each step with the correct “arrow pushing”. (Hint: if stuck, start with what you do know…) N O H3O+ H2N ? O Br -7- -8-...
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