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Lecture 3 36-202 Mon, Jan. 21 Spring 2013 This document is available on: (under ‘course documents’) Simple Linear Regression: Modeling the Relationship Between 2 Quantitative Variables [Reserve Material References: Chapter 12 of Statistics By Agresti and Franklin; Chapter 10 of Introduction to the Practice of Statistics by Moore, McCabe] Chapter 27 of Stats: Data and Models by Deveaux, Velleman, Bock] Simple Regression, as seen through the ‘big picture’ of applied statistics: Regression, through the eyes of 36-202: Stating and validating a Mathematical Model of the relationship From your previous course in statistics, you already know that the inference step involves a significance test. But what you probably didn’t learn in a previous course was the proper mathematical groundwork. This includes the following: specifying a model, based on the observed data; estimating the model’s parameters , from the observed data; validating the model from the observed data. Over this and the next few lectures, we will learn these details of the mathematical model of simple linear regression.
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