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5th defense may again move for a directed verdict l

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Unformatted text preview: A notice that requiring the defendant to appear in court and answer the complaint. 5th Defense may again move for a directed verdict (l) ***Summons 4th Opportunity for rebuttal & rejoinder 反驳 Motion by the party that ask the court to rule the case before the trial (no disputes exist) (j)*** Motion for judgement on pleading 3rd Defense presents its case A pleading in which defendant assert断言that the plaintiffs's claim fails to state a cause of action, or improper venue and services (a) Must be Relevant (c) 20 days to answer once defendant has been served. Rules of evidence Discovery There are exception for hearsay rules *60days if defendants waives services (a) Phase in which opposing parties try to evidence from one another (b) Types Prior crimin...
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