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Art100 Freehand SyllabusUSE - ART 100 FREEHAND DRAWING...

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ART 100 FREEHAND DRAWING SYLLABUS Instructor: David Bailin Location: Art Building B102 Class Time: Thursday, 9:10 – 11am / 12:40 – 2:30pm Phone: 501.952.8703 Email: or [I review messages regularly; please feel comfortable contacting me.] Web Page: Office Hours: Arranged by Appointment only Description: This course teaches the fundamentals of drawing including materials, methods, form and composition. Students work on a variety of paper sizes and with graphite, ink, and charcoal. Beginning exercises concentrate on still life and interiors, and then move to landscape and the human figure. Students start with executing simple exercises, and, with a fast and logical progression, move on to more complex and difficult assignments. The final project is self-directed. Objectives: Students learn to translate what their eyes perceive onto a flat plane, gain confidence in drawing, and begin to apply their skills to creating art. Models: This course includes multiple sessions with nude models. Text: None Assignments : There are weekly assignments that vary in length and scope. Expect to spend several hours on each. The assignments have very specific parameters and grades are evaluated based on those parameters in addition to the level of each student’s engagement in the work. Careless work is graded accordingly. Pay attention to due dates since work loses a single mark every day late (A to A- etc.) All work
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Art100 Freehand SyllabusUSE - ART 100 FREEHAND DRAWING...

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