Dog street musicians peristyle private garden

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Unformatted text preview: garden courtyard 26 Ostia: the ancient port of Rome 27 Ostia - castrum of 4th c. BCE decumanus still visible 28 gate Forum and Capitolium city wall gate 29 to Rome iver R ber Ti Corporations Forum: Headquarters of shipping companies 30 Ostia’s large buildings included warehouses and insulas 31 Insula: apartment house 32 Insula 33 33 Insulas often were poorly built and collapsed 34 Roman cities had a mixture of housing types 35 Ostia civic buildings included theaters 36 Pompeii Greek theater at Epidauros Roman theaters 37 Ostia’s Theater 38 Pompeii’s amphitheater and palestra 39 Roman baths 40 41...
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