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Unformatted text preview: llo B ilica as Forum at the intersection of crossing arterial streets 13 Capitolium Streets lined with sidewalks, multi-story buildings with shops at street level and dwelling units above 14 Shops open onto the street 15 16 Plan of city Plan of house 17 private court reception hall entry court Plan of Chinese courtyard house 18 private court (peristyle) private court (peristyle) entry court (atrium) Plan of Roman domus from Pompeii Domus = single family courtyard house Atrium = formal entry courtyard with impluvium (pool) Tablinum = formal but transitional room near atrium Peristyle = private courtyard surrounded by columns 19 20 Atrium: formal entry courtyard with impluvium (pool for rainwater) 21 Lararium: niche for the household gods (lares) 22 atrium Triclinium Rooms opened onto interior courtyards Bedroom 23 Interior decorations: fresco painting, mosaic and other rich finishes 24 25 Mosaic decorations “Cave Canem” -“Beware of the Dog” street musicians Peristyle: private...
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