4 5 sirna unwinds when it complexes with sirna

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Unformatted text preview: s (cut double stranded RNA) Protein New Horizons in Cancer Research New RNAi 3. 4. 5. siRNA unwinds when it complexes with siRNA proteins proteins Single stranded siRNA guides the complex to Single the mRNA (target gene mRNA) the Binds to the mRNA and degrades it *This prevents the cancer gene from making protein RNAi RNAi Tumor Spread Tumor Patterns of Spread - Metastasis Mechanisms of metastasis 1. Direct or continuous extensions 2. Metastasis by lymphatics 3. Metastasis by blood stream Tumor Spread Tumor Mechanisms of Metastasis Direct or continuous extensions – Cancer cells extending from the primary tumor Cancer without breaking away without – Potential regions of tumor spread » Tissue spaces » Lymph vessels » Blood vessels » Body cavities » Cerebral spinal spaces Tumor Spread Tumor Mechanisms of Metastasis Metastasis by lymphatics and bloodstream Sequence of events in metastasis 1. Invasion of local tissue 2. Penetration into vessels (lymphatic or blood) Penetration or body cavity or 3. Transport to a new secondary site 4. Cells stabilize and proliferate at the secondary Cells site site Tumor Spread Tumor Mechanisms of Metastasis...
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