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D f cancer treatment cancer immunotherapy also termed

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Unformatted text preview: s (cancer cells) are sensitive to ionizing Rapidly radiation radiation – Will die after appropriate exposure Multidrug Resistance Protein (=MRP1) Multidrug MRP1 blocked (A-C)/No effect on MRP1 (D-F) Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy – – Also termed = biologic response modifiers (BRMs) Advantages to immunotherapy » Generally reduced side effects Relative to chemotherapy and radiation therapies » Specific for cancer cells normal cells are spared » Endogenous immune systems can be activated - to Endogenous eliminate cancer cells eliminate Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Immunomodulating Agents – “Adjuvant” administration 1. Adjuvant - inactivated bacteria or parts of the bacterial Adjuvant cell wall cell 2. Stimulates the patients immune system 3. Adjuvant is injected into or near the tumor Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Immunomodulating Agents (continued….) – “Adjuvant” administration 4. Activates the immune system 5. Tumor mass is reduced – Macrophages and activation of killer cells Phagocytosis of tumor cells Some successes but utilized with other treatments Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Interferons – Produced by cells - antiviral protein – α interferon interferon From activated leukocytes » Inhibits tumor growth » Activates natural killer cells » Increases cancer cell surface protein expression More surface proteins - enhances ability of the immune system to More attack the cel...
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