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Unformatted text preview: l attack Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Interferons – Produced by cells - antiviral protein – α interferon treatments interferon » Hairy cell leukemia » Kaposi sarcoma (AIDS patients) » Ovarian cancer Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Antigens – – – Contact sensitizing agents Dinitrochlorobenzene (DNCB) DNCB applied to normal skin » Stimulates T cells to DNCB – DNCB applied to the tumor » Tumor cells are killed by a hypersensitivity reaction DNCB associates with the tumor cell Immune system attacks these cells Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Effector Cells and Lymphokines 1. Lymphokine activated killer cell therapy (LAK) » Produces a tumor specific cytotoxic cell line in culture Produces (LAK cells are from the patient) (LAK 1. LAK cells cultured with interleukin-2 » Interleukin activates T lymphocytes Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Effector Cells and Lymphokines (continued….) 3. Inject these “LAK” cells and interleukin back into Inject the patient the 4. LAK cells attack tumor cells and interleukin LAK activates other immune system cells activates Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy LAK therapy – Encouraging success with » Melanoma patients » Renal cancer Cancer Treatment Cancer Immunotherapy Monoclonal antibodies » Highly specific antibodies (versus polyclonal antibodies) – Diagnositic uses » Detection of tumor cell antigens (in blood) Screening patients for cancer » Monoclonal antibodies - conjugated to radioi...
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