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Unformatted text preview: tumor cells » Attach to vessel walls that cross the basement membrane Tumor Spread Tumor Theory of Tumor Invasion Invasive Tumors Invasive Poorly Organized Tissues Cytokines and Chemokines Affect Tumor Growth Tumor Theory - Carcinogenesis of Skin Cancer Theory New Horizons in Cancer Research New RNAi RNAi blocks cancer specific genes (eg. Protein RNAi degrading enzymes) degrading How does RNAi work? – siRNA a type of double stranded RNA » Termed “small interfering RNA” – Consists of….. » “sense” and “anti-sense” RNA sequences to a specific gene » Complexes with proteins such as endoribonucleases Can cleave double stranded RNA New Horizons in Cancer Research New RNAi Sense and Anti - sense sequences Target gene sequence (mRNA) (cancer gene) GCGGAA Sense (mRNA) (target) CGCCUU Anti - sense (mRNA) New Horizons in Cancer Research New RNAi 1. Small pieces of double stranded RNA termed Small “siRNA” enters the tumor cell “siRNA” – 1. siRNA (= small interfering RNA) In the cell it forms “RNA-induced silencing In complexes” (=RISC) complexes” – – Consists of siRNA and Protein = endonuclease...
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