Cancer cells are independent of normal cellular

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Unformatted text preview: r Brain Tumor Cells Cell Differentiation Cell Major Properties of Cancer 1. – Cancer cells are independent of normal cellular Cancer controls controls – Loss of differentiation 1. » Lose ability to have a specialized function as in normal Lose cell cell Major point - cancer cells have lost normal Major function and ability to control growth function Transformation Transformation Differentiated/Undifferentiated Definition - transformation – The process of normal cells becoming cancer Differentiation - normal mature cells – normal cells committed to a specific function Transformation Transformation Differentiated/Undifferentiated Undifferentiated cells - are not committed to a Undifferentiated specific function specific – Stem cells or pluripotent cells – Primarily in embryonic stages - are not differentiated Cancer cells are undifferentiated - resemble Cancer embryonic cells embryonic Differentiation Differentiation Human Embryonic Cells Human Transformation Transformation Differentiated/Undifferentiated Neoplasms (cancers) resemble undifferentiated cells – Pathway to differentiation is blocked – Cells locked in an undifferentiated and rapid proliferation Cells stage stage The further tumor cells are from normal cell structure The and function the more undifferentiated they are and – Termed “anaplastic” Transformation Transformation Tumor Grading Definition - “Tumor Grading” – » Estimates the tumors degree of malignancy Growth of tumor tissue – Cells lose mature characteristics and no longer Cells resemble surrounding tissue resemble Transformation Transformation Stem Cells Functional properties of stem cells – – – Are not terminally differentiated Can divi...
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