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Unformatted text preview: rting this concept – Identification of carcinogens in the environment Identification (food, drinking water and air) (food, » Agents have been shown to cause cancers Causes of Cancer - Genetics Causes Gene/Environmental Interaction Supporting evidence – Indirect evidence - Breast cancer example » Northern European and American women have much Northern higher incidence higher » Japanese women very low incidence – Is this environmental? – (or) life style (or) genetics? Evidence Some Cancers Caused by Environment and/or Lifestyle Environment Evidence – Japan low incidence of colon cancer – Japanese immigrants to USA had 7 fold increase in Japanese colon cancer rates colon Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic Define – Viruses cause cancer transformed into normal animals – True pathogenic agent - cause specific type of cancer Oncogenic Viruses - “exogenous oncogenes” – Cells infected are transformed when the viral Cells oncogene is activated oncogene Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic Classification – Based on form of genetic material Based » DNA Papovaviruses Adenoviruses herpesviruses » RNA Retroviruses Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic DNA Viruses Life Cycle 1. DNA virus penetrates the host cell » Using viral protein coat 1. Inside the cell viral DNA enters the nucleus 2. Integrates into the host DNA 3. Viral DNA is transcribed - makes mRNA Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic DNA Viruses Life Cycle (continued) 5. Viral DNA is transcribed at two different times » » Early mRNAs - replicate the viral DNA Late mRNAs - viral structural proteins Oncogenic DNA virus tumors – Cervix and hepatocellular carcinoma Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic DNA Viruses Oncogenic Viruses Oncogenic Oncogenes Viru...
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