Lecture 03

Lecture 03

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Unformatted text preview: ute in Battle Creek (MI), which later was renamed Battle Creek Sanitarium (the “San”) by Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, who became the chief medical doctor of the Institute, and took over its administration. Dr. John Harvey Kellogg was also an advocate of vegetarianism and exercise. At the San, diet was the foundation of the treatments, particularly a high fiber diet. In 1877 Kellogg created a cereal made with wheat, oats & corn and called it “GRANULA”, later changed to “GRANOLA”. In 1902, he produced CORN FLAKES, which became very successful. This was the first flake cereal developed. Charles W. POST also developed products based on what he knew at the San. He achieved commercial success with his cereal Grape‐Nuts (1897) breakfast cereal. Food Fad: A craze; a short‐lived popular fashion Horace Fletcher was a health‐food faddist; he believed that proper chewing was the pathway to health. He proposed chewing food to a fluid before swallowing: “Fletcherism”. Dr. Kellogg adopted the idea at the San, although later...
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