Lecture 03


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Unformatted text preview: he abandoned this practice. Yogurt was also served at the San. Dr. Kellogg brought the idea to this country after a trip to Europe, where he met Ilya Metchnikov (McGee p.48). Metchnikov believed that the longevity of Bulgarians was related to their consumption of yogurt. In the 1800s many changes affected the food system: ‐ Industrial Revolution ‐ Advances in Agriculture ‐ Western Expansion (new lands used for grains cultivation (↓prices) ‐ Foreign Immigration ‐ Transportation Revolution These changes affected the way food was produced, distributed a nd consumed. Railroads were a key factor in the industrialization of food. New r ailroads system improved transportation: increased availability and more affordable meat products, fruits, v egetables, dairy products. The Refrigerated Railroad Car was developed in the 1870’s, and Introduced for mea t distribution by Gustavus Franklin Swift (See McGee p.123 “Abundant Meat in North America”). ____________________________ ________ Food Adulteration wa...
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