Lecture 12 - Non-Newtonian Pipe Flow

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Unformatted text preview: Average Velocity v v Recall from last lecture for shell (annulus) of fluid: vz dA A dA= 2 r dr A = R2 n1 2 n1 vz constant dA 2 R n r r n dr A R2 R n1 r 2 r n 1 R n 2 2 nn1 1 0 2 n1 L v P 2LK P 2LK 1 n 1 n n n 1 2 R2 n1 R 2 R n 1 R n 2 2 nn1 1 2 n1 n n (3n 1) R 2nR (3n 1) 3n 1 n1 n n 1 n 1 (3n 1) 2n (3n 1) 1 n1 n P 2LK n R n 3n 1 P 2LK nn1 R 1 n n1 n Laminar Pipe Flow of Power Law Fluid 4Q 3 R n w 34 n1 s K n s w K w n This puts the wall shear stress and shear rate as a direct function of the measurable pressure drop and flow rate. 4Q For a Newtonian fluid, i.e. n=1, this reduces to Newtonian 3 R Therefore, to simplify equations for Power law fluid, this shear rate is used as a reference, i.e. apparent shear rate is : 4Q 8v 3 R D n w 34 n1 . Laminar Pipe Flow of Power Law Fluid Average Velocity for Power Law Fluid: P v 2LK n 3nn1 R 1 n1 n Volumetric Flow rate , Q: P Q v.A R 2 2LK n 3nn1 R 1 n1 n P Q 2LK n 3nn1 R 1 3 n1 n Note, wall shear stress is directly proportional to the pressure drop: sw PR n K w 2L Power law model and the wall shear rate can be determined by subbing into equation for Q: n 4Q w 34 n1 3 R 1 s n w w K Laminar Pipe Flow of NNF: General Approach General expression can be used for any fluid model : (see derivation in Steffe) 1 Q 3 R 3 s w tw 0 s 2 f (s )dt Use Leibnitz’ rule to change variables to differentiate as function of sw and solve for shear rate at the wall, gives: d ds w w f (s w ) 3 1 s w 4 4 x dy d (ln y ) y dx d (ln x) d (ln ) w 3 1 4 4 d (ln s w ) d (ln ) 1 3n'1 w n' d (ln s w ) 4n' NB : 4Q 8v 3 R D Rabinowitsch-Mooney equation n’ can be obtained directly from P and Q data ! For Power Law, n’ = n...
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