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Unformatted text preview: "غونډ" 0200021C="څرګندون" 0200021D="ځای" 0200021E="يونلور مختاړی" 0200021F="پوښۍ" 02000220="دوتنې" 02000221="نسخه" 02000222="ډکون" 02000223="ګڼډکون" 02000224="افسېټ" 02000225="پېوندونه" 02000226="غوڼدونه" 02000227="ډکونونه" ; Status bar 02000301="ټاکل شوي څيزونه {0}" 02000302="څيز(ونه) '{0}'" 02000320="دوتنې:" 02000321="پوښۍ:" 02000322=":کچ" 02000323=":زېرلی کچ" 02000324=":ارشيونه" ; List Context Menu 02000401="...ستنې&" 02000411="پرانيستل&" 02000412="...ويستل&" ; ToolBar 02000501="ويستل" ; Messages 02000601=".اوسمهاله چلښتونه دې ارشيو لپاره منلي نه دي" 02000602=...
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2013 for the course MATH Algebra taught by Professor Ms.k during the Spring '97 term at French-american Internationl Sch.

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