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Mastery Quiz Questions Chapter 9
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Mastery Quiz Questions Chapter 9 Question 1: (see full question) Most genes come in alternative forms called: Correct response: alleles. Question 2: (see full question) Which of the following nucleotide bases are present in equal amounts in DNA? Correct response: Both a) and c) are correct. Question 3: (see full question) In a molecule of DNA: You selected: All of the above are true of a molecule of DNA. Correct Question 4: (see full question) Tandemly repeated regions of the genome tend to be easily deleted or duplicated due to: You selected: B) and C) only Question 5: (see full question) Which of the following statements about DNA replication are correct? You selected: Only a) and c) are correct. Correct Question 1: (see full question) Which of the following is NOT required for DNA replication? You selected: All of the above are required for DNA replication. Question 2: (see full question) In mismatch repair: You selected: Both a) and b) are correct answers. Question 3: (see full question) An organism cultured from a single cell of another organism that is genetically identical to the other organism is called: You selected: a clone. Question 4: (see full question) In the semiconservative model of DNA replication the newly synthesized DNA molecule is comprised of: You selected: one old strand and one new one. Question 5: (see full question) A mutation that involves the addition, subtraction, or substitution of a single base is known as: You selected: a point mutation.
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Question 1: (see full question) In any DNA molecule, the number of guanine bases will: You selected: always be equal to the number of cytosine bases. Question 2:
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