We need some systematic methodology details and names

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Unformatted text preview: tematic methodology. Details and names differ widely, but the basic ideas are all the same: Concept or Architecture Requirements Specification or Analysis Specification Design: High-levelChapter 1 Detailed and Design: Chapter 10 Life Cycle Implementation Integration and installation Operation and maintenance Operation Retirement Chapter 1 Chapter 11 What is a software What development process? development A series of steps (sub-processes) Constrained by a schedule or budget Each step has entry and exit criteria In sequence or parallel to other activities Guiding principles give goals of each Guiding activity activity Chapter 1 Chapter 12 Life Cycle Documentation is integral to EACH step Testing is integral to EACH step Testing Development sometimes conforms to the Development Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) or ISO 9000 Standard (we will discuss these later) discuss Chapter 1 Chapter 13 Basic Definitions Used in Basic Software Testing Software Model - high-level & detailed design e.g., UML diagrams Static testing - inspection...
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