Phase validation assurance by the customer that

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Unformatted text preview: assurance (by the customer) that Validation the final product satisfies the system requirements; “Are we building the right product?” product?” Chapter 1 Chapter 16 Basic Definitions Used in Basic Software Testing (con’t) Software Software quality assurance – verification Software & validation of software development products in order to prevent and remove defects defects includes software testing iincludes creating metrics for process ncludes improvement improvement Chapter 1 Chapter 17 Testing Process • Requirements analysis • Test planning • Test design, implementation, Test debugging debugging • Unit (class) testing • Integration (class interaction) testing • System testing • User acceptance testing Chapter 1 Chapter 18 Categories of Testing Black Box Testing – functional testing based on Black functional specifications functional Emphasis of CS581: Fundamentals of Software Emphasis Testing course Testing White Box Testing – specification testing based White on the code that implements the design on Object-Oriented Testing – verification of Object-Oriented functional specifications with the design products and the source...
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