Genetic Variation

Genetic Variation - Missense you get wrong code when...

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Homozygous Heterozygous Genetic Variation: Incomplete Dominance: Red flower and White flower=both have dominant colors until a Red and White have sex to produce a pink making another trait Epistasis: a third allele enters the gene pool to alter the phenotypic occurance of a trait rrYY dihybrid group, but only affecting one trait, ie haircolor BB: black, Bb: black, bb: brown, BBcc: white, bbcc: white, Bbcc: white Polygenic Traits: Both traits you obtain from your parents affect the daughter cell a trait determined by 2 or more genes dads height+moms height=your height Recombination and independent assortment reshuffle existing variation Mutations: Point Mutations Subsitution Silent even if the genes mess up one letter, if they code for the same amino acid then it won't affect the protein (AUG and ATG)
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Unformatted text preview: Missense you get wrong code when letters switch and you get a mutation (AGT and AUT) Nonsense you start transmission to form amino acids but this process stops prematurely, so instead of getting ATG, you get AT and a mutation occurs Insertion/Deletion Extra nucleotide or lack of a nucleotide. ..or more than one, so a mutation occurs Larger Scale chromosomal rearrangements Deletion Duplication Inversion nucleotide is inverted on same chromosome Translocation Allele moves to the wrong chromosome creating a mutated cell SRY gene Chromosomal Number Non-disjunction extra nucleotide/amino acids that shouldn't be there, messes up entire line that should be created in a certain order...
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Genetic Variation - Missense you get wrong code when...

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