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Gov II Paper - In storm's wake, how well will Texas honchos...

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In storm’s wake, how well will Texas honchos lead ? Summary of the Topic : In this article Clay Robison points out several very important points on the actions of our leading government officials here in Texas. Some points in his article are praise, but most are the pointing out flaws in the person’s own campaign to make them look better in the wake of a tragedy. The following are the main points that stood out while I read Mr. Robison’s article. One of the first points he makes is the subject of how officials use tragedy for their own personal gain. He brings up how Carole Strayhorn, Texas Controller, mentioned at a press conference, with a wink to supporters, “This is not a time for politics. This is a time for prayer.” If that is not a political ploy in Texas, I don’t know what is. He also brings up the point how other government officials such as Rick Perry may have benefited from this tragedy in the way of having the media spotlight brought off of the latest of their own political failures. In Rick Perry’s case the main failure was, according to Mr. Robison, his “… failed special sessions on school finance.” Mr. Robison then moves his article onto the points of how well Texas responded to Katrina’s aftermath. He mentions how well Texas “absorbed” the new load of refugees and others from the tormented areas seeking assistance. The article then points out how this tragedy has highlighted the very important role of the government, state and federal, in the preparation and response for and after a disaster like Katrina. Mr. Robison also mentions the new found refugees in our lovely state. He talks of how they may or may not contribute to our state’s society and the possible strain it may put on our already strained welfare system. This leads him into talking about our current welfare system and how it does not need the additional strain. He 1
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Gov II Paper - In storm's wake, how well will Texas honchos...

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