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The following is an article from Chemical and Engineering News ( ) Title: Super Sponges Soak Up CO 2 (December 12, 2005) Summary: This article describes a solution on a lot of scientist’s minds, removal of greenhouse gases in today’s society; this mainly focuses on CO 2 removal. Omar M. Yaghi, the leader of the research team at the University of Michigan, has come up with a CO 2 absorbing substance. Imagine a substance that can soak up greenhouse gases from power plants and from regular exhaust from cars. This new substance used has potential of being more efficient and cost effective than the current methods of treatment in aqueous solution. Using chemical synthesis, the researchers have created a whole family of gas-gobbling substances. These materials are known as Metal Organic Framework (MOF) compounds and are stable, crystalline porous substances consisting of metal clusters joined by organic linker groups. What this has to do with chemistry: One of the compounds, MOF-177 has a room temperature CO 2 capacity of 140 weight % which far exceeds any other storage capacity of CO 2. The group measures gas uptake by preparing samples of MOF compounds in evacuated containers and then pressure the vessels with CO 2. At each step the gas and the absorbent were left to equilibrate and then the measurements were taken. The super-sponge MOF-177 consists of octahedral Zn4 carboxylate clusters linked to
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Article_2 - The following is an article from Chemical and...

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