Kinematics (AP)

Kinematics (AP) - 2.1 Kinematics - Rectilinear &...

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Unformatted text preview: 2.1 Kinematics - Rectilinear & Projectile Motion Kinematics is concerned with the description of the trajectories of objects without regard to the forces causing the motion. A body undergoes translational motion whenever an arbitrary line drawn on the body remains parallel unto itself throughout the motion. In one-dimensional kinematic rectilinear motion , the velocity of the object is the time rate of change of the object's displacement with respect to some arbitrary fixed reference point. Note that the vector quantity velocity, which is change in vector displacement per unit time, does not necessarily equal the body's scalar speed or change in distance per unit time. Likewise, the acceleration is defined as the time rate of change of the object's velocity. In general, the average velocity of an object differs from its velocity at any instant because the object may change its velocity at various times throughout its motion. The same can be said with regard to the average and instantaneous acceleration of an object. Instantaneous velocity is defined as the change in position divided by elapsed time, as the elapsed time approaches zero. This is equivalent to taking the derivative of the function for position with respect to time. Acceleration measures the change in velocity, so instantaneous acceleration is calculated as the derivative of velocity with respect to time. The acceleration also equals the second derivative of as the derivative of velocity with respect to time....
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Kinematics (AP) - 2.1 Kinematics - Rectilinear &...

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