Chart of Derivatives for final exam

Chart of Derivatives for final exam - (uv)’ = u’v uv’...

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Definition of the Derivative Lim f(x+h) – f(x) h 0 h D x x k = kx k-1 D x sinx = cosx D x cosx = - sinx D x tanx = sec 2 x D x cotx = -csc 2 x D x secx = secxtanx D x cscx = -cscxtanx Definition of Continuity of f(x) @ x = a Lim f(x) = f(a) x a Product Rule
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Unformatted text preview: (uv)’ = u’v + uv’ Quotient Rule (u/v)’ = u’v – uv’ h Chain Rule [f(g(x))]’ = f’[g(x)] • g’(x) D x sinwx = wcoswx D x coswx = -wsinwx D x e kx = ke kx...
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