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Andrew Jackson's America - Andrew Jackson's America The...

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Andrew Jackson’s America The Filthy Politics Party politics are really negative terms- many of the founding fathers looked upon politics as filthy, in general a bad thing, looked at political parties in negative terms, they called parties factions, which has a much more negative connotation, wanted liberty and freedom from political parties, look at them negatively because parties are anti- democratic, the animosity from different political parties can lead to war and disunion, Washington rails against party politics, he tries his best to moderate these things, Washington knows that a lot of the stuff that he does will be carried on by future generations, he is very cautious and pragmatic in his decision-making, wants a strong president but knows that majority of power goes to Congress through Constitution, so he delegates a lot to Congress, leaves it to them to do things, even where his power is clear cut, he is cautious, he tries to do things in a way that is apolitical, Washington was conservative, or at the time traditionalist, believes in good, decent community, someone who wants to maintain slavery, from Virginia, he appoints the best people for the job, people that are smart and respected, Washington decides not to appoint people based on political opinions, appoints Henry Knox as Secretary of War- he is a wealthy merchant from Boston, Samuel Osmon, Master General, Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of Treasury, John Jay, first Chief Justice form New York, Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State, Randolph as Attorney General, hires them because they are the best, when he leaves office, the idea of party and party politics is alive and well, Washington denounces the bainful effect of the spirit of party, we see the evolution of political establishments, o The Federalists and Democratic- Republicans The Federalist Party- strong central government, promote banking and industry. Democratic Republicans- Jefferson, Hamilton, favor smaller central government and more powerful state governments, prefer supporting agriculture as opposed to industry. The Federalists win the first big race and elect John Adams in 1796, he signs Jay’s Treaty, a lot of people thought it was cowardly to sign Jay’s Treaty, fights Quasi War, and his campaign in Quasi War is seen as cowardly, he signs in the Alien and Sedition Acts, Alien Act gives the president power to arrest anyone seen as a danger to the US, and the president decides who is seen as dangerous, Sedition Act says that people can’t criticize the government, up to discretion of government, use sedition act against the Democratic Republicans, people in US find this offensive, eliminates freedom of speech, people see at as an affront on free speech The Revolution of 1800
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Andrew Jackson's America - Andrew Jackson's America The...

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