critique 2 - Today there are many problems with the African...

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Today there are many problems with the African American society, these problems can be viewed many different ways and they are caused by many different reasons. Some people say they are because of slavery and white man, while others say it’s the own races fault. No matter how you may see the issue the fact is that the problems are still there. There are many different problems that are present in today’s world; the first that I will address is interracial segregation. In one excerpt from Loving Blackness as Political Resistance the author speaks about how people wanted to appear white by speaking a certain way, wearing certain clothes and even choosing specific groups of white friends. I feel that if there is already partial separation of blacks from society why black people would try to separate themselves from each other. To me is very bewildering. I myself have thought like this before though. When you are raised in an environment where all you see is baggy clothes and sagging pants on black people you are going to associate being black with dressing like that. The same problem was addressed in the film America beyond the color line. But it was on an earlier scale, when an older gentleman said when he first lived in Chicago and freed blacks from the south moved to their neighborhoods they separated themselves from each other. The people who were already in Chicago were the “Regular Niggas”
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critique 2 - Today there are many problems with the African...

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