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Tyler Evans ECE3042 L05 2/12/08 Gtg491w The application note to be used in this homework is “Designing Active High Speed Filters” by Mark Sauerwald of National Semiconductor. The audience for this application note is anyone that would be designing an active high speed filter, so generally an engineer or an engineering student. The level of expertise of the audience is fairly high, as none of the jargon is explained and only the steps pertaining to the specific topic are explained. This affects the writing because the writer can use much more detail and include high level thinking into the application note. The application note is written in sections to organize the information. The sections are ordered from general to more specific, and in order of the steps you might take to design an active high speed filter with
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Unformatted text preview: a conclusion to wrap it up. Then there are appendices and tables at the end. This arrangement seems logical. I would have placed all tables at the end of the document, instead of leaving a couple in the middle and the rest at the end. There are many graphics in the document and they are well explained and used. There are plenty of these graphics. The procedure is thorough, but does not include too much information. It is fairly user-friendly because it is sectioned and easy to find data, but the graphics are clumped together so the information seems tedious to read. It is someone accessible because if you knew that you were looking for you could easily find it on website, but it is hidden from plain sight on the web....
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