Use 2 inverters 3 and gates and 1 or gate b using

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Unformatted text preview: e 2 inverters, 3 AND gates, and 1 OR gate. b. Using your network N from part (a) as a building block (and as few additional gates as possible), draw a circuit that takes as input A = a3a2a1a0 and B = b3b2b1b0 and outputs F = f3f2f1f0, where F(A,B,c1c0) = A' 0 A' + B A+B if c1c0 = 00 if c1c0 = 01 if c1c0 = 10 if c1c0 = 11 Warning: Use correct capitalization: a and A are not the same. 9. Design a logic circuit to detect when there is an odd number of 1 s in the 3 bit input (ABC) (when we detect an odd input, generate a 1  to the output function F, otherwise, generate a 0 ): (a) Use only AND, OR, and NOT gates in your desig...
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