The Civil War and Reconstruction

The Civil War and Reconstruction - The Civil War and...

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The Civil War and Reconstruction Confirming Fears Civil War is the destructive war, nearly 1 million die, more than all other American wars combined, caused by sectional tensions, 2 primary events that signal to north that south wants to extend slavery and are going to get it to happen, and north wants to get rid of slavery o Dred Scott 1856-1857, Dred Scott is slave of John Emerson who is an army doctor, Emerson was transferred to variety of different bases and would take Scott with him, lived in north for a long time, Scott thinks he should be free cause he has lived in the north most of his life, sues owner, goes to Supreme Court, most of Supreme Court are white slave owners, appointed by presidents that defended institution, Roger B. Taney- chief justice, very pro-slavery, says because Scott is black, he is a slave, and it doesn’t matter where he resided, Taney also says that black people cannot become citizens of the US, Taney is basically saying that since black people can’t become citizens, then they aren’t free in the North either, all are potentially slaves, he is trying to remove the status of free blacks, extreme judicial defense of slavery, confirms for people in the north all the suspicions they had about south o John Brown John Brown is from Kansas, attacked Border Ruffians from Missouri, hacked them to death, Brown is deeply committed to ending slavery, Brown decides that no one is going to eliminate the institution of slavery, he decides only one way to end slavery, if he goes and tries to end it, wanted to invade the south, acquire weapons, arm slaves that he encounters, and eliminate slavery in south, doesn’t work out for him, decides to attack Harper’s Ferry, Virginia, because it has an arsenal, had 18 men, attack in October 1859, very quickly they overtake arsenal, a number of local residents get together and hold John Browns men in the arsenal, and call for reinforcements, US marines attack, kill and capture, hero for north, but for south he represents everything that the south has been saying, they will use violence to attack the south, that they want to get rid of slavery period, confirms fears for south, with these 2 events, stage is set for Civil War o Lincoln Wins Pits a new party, Republican Party and Lincoln, against divided Democratic Party, very pro-slavery wing in Democratic party, and said that they wanted a very pro-
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slavery candidate, and others that want a moderate candidate, Lincoln is primary contender, while he is unpopular, he is obviously going to be the one to win, Lincoln wanted to make sure that he follows along the proper line in regard to slavery, moderates his message for the audience he is speaking to, he says that he doesn’t want slavery to new territory, he knows that this is the issue, Lincoln is a white supremacist, thinks blacks should go back to Africa, as Lincoln victory is coming to pass, the south is already beginning preparations for succession, South Carolina promotes the idea of succession, South Carolina secedes in December of
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The Civil War and Reconstruction - The Civil War and...

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