Experiment 6

Experiment 6 - Experiment #6 Sieve Analysis of Aggregate...

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Experiment #6 Sieve Analysis of Aggregate February 7, 2008 Prepared By: For: Construction Materials Lab CE 2341 Section 001 Professor Spiegel
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Purpose The purpose of this lab is not only to learn how to separate an aggregate using various sieves but more so to learn what the data collected means. By determining the mass of the aggregate after the sieves and shaken you can determine the percent of the aggregate that passes through each sieve. This information is essential when determining what purpose the aggregate can serve in construction and which aggregate is suitable in a specific design. For instance the aggregate used as an underlay for a sky scraper would have to have different properties than one used under a highway. These properties determine the aggregate’s ability to provide stability, drainage and protection from frost damage. Equipment/ Apparatus Digital Scale 8 Sieves Mechanical Sieve Shaker A Sample of a mixed aggregate Description of Procedure 1. 8 Sieves are obtained, each of a different size. The mass of each sieve is recorded in
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Experiment 6 - Experiment #6 Sieve Analysis of Aggregate...

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