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Lecture 23_Populations Pres

thomasrobertmalthus 17661834 saw population as

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Unformatted text preview: italism.*This*does*not*mean*that*Marxism*is* pro^natalist*–*simply*that*it*sees*social*change*as* the*first*priority;*fer'lity*is*only*secondary.** Thomas*Robert*Malthus* (1766^1834)* SAW POPULATION AS PRIMARY CAUSE OF POVERT Malthusian*Theory* Axiom*1:*Food*is*necessary*for*human*existence;* further,*food*produc'on*increases*at*an*arithme'c* rate:*1,*2,*3,*4,*5….* Axiom*2:*Passion*between*the*sexes*is*necessary*and* will*con'nue;*further,*popula'on*increases*at*a* geometric*rate:*1,*2,*4,*8,*16.** Given*this,*the*following*Hypothesis*is*deduced:* *Popula'on*growth*will*always*create*stress*on*the* *means*of*subsistence.* "PREVENTIVE CHECKS' - moral restraints and delayed marriage 'POSITIVE CHECKS'- under given stresses, like war sexual sterilization act (BC and Alberta) - Eugenics, Xenophobia - mental problems etc sterilize instituionalized people who can propograte undesirable charactersics eg alcoholics, prostitution, criminals. (biological) but both Alberta and BC wanted to continue on despite the Nazi eugenics Law later repealled well into the 1970s. Involuntary sterilization now considered battery PEOPLE*ARE*POOR*BECAUSE*THEY*HAVE*MANY* CHILDREN.* * PEOPLE*HAVE*MANY*CHILDREN*BECAUSE*THEY* ARE*POOR.* are these two statements entirely different?...
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