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Unformatted text preview: a good daycare system and mat leave China - 1 child rule, contraception, abortion, sterilization free.marriage 285 Humans*are*mortal.*Unlike*fer'lity,*which*is*affected*by* many*biological,*cultural,*and*economic*variables,* mortality*is*rela'vely*easy*to*explain*–*despite*the*fact* that*the*World*Health*Organiza'on*has*recognized* some*850*specific*causes*of*death!*Mortality*generally* reflects*socio^economic*status:*high*life*expectancy* sta's'cs*are*associated*with*high^quality*living*and* working*condi'ons,*good*nutri'on,*good*sanita'on,* and*widely*available*medical*services*and*vice*versa.** differences between high and low income countries for causes of death High income - predominantly chronic diseases eg. diabetes, dementia, lung infection, cancer Middle income - nearly half live to 70. chronic diseases. DIFFERENCE more likely tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, road accidents Low Income - less than 1/5 live to 70. More than 1/3 are from children under 15. Infectious disease, lung infection, AIDS, malaria complicated by pregnancies. no drugs for HIV women at higher risk by 5:1 for AIDS Marx*and*Popula'on*Growth* Capitalism not population as the reason for poverty. China's 1-child rule did not pertain to Marxism Marx*in*other*words*saw*the*capitalist*system*as* the*primary*cause*of*poverty,*not*popula'on* growth.*Popula'on*growth*in*fact*was*not*a* problem*at*all*for*Marx,*other*than*a*resource* distribu'on*problem*caused*and*facilitated*by* cap...
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