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ENG COMP proposal essay 11-21-06 - Ryan Rice ENG COMP II-...

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Ryan Rice ENG COMP II- Turner November 21, 2006 The Need for Term Limits “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This quote by Lord Acton clearly defines the problem of what happens when politicians stay in power indefinitely. Ninety-nine percent of incumbent officials that have been in office for more than six years are reelected, regardless of party lines, voting record, or moral values. Is this because the American public is overjoyed with the job our government is doing? The answer, of course, is a resounding no. As we enter into this new century, the United States is swamped with problems directly caused by this incumbent-led, self-serving group of big spenders. It seems today’s politicians will do whatever it takes to stay in power, ignoring the responsibilities that arise when you are a public servant . Our country must revert back to the days of old, when respected men and women would leave the private sector for a time, serve the nation honorably, and then quietly retreat back to their own lives. Politics were never meant to become a career and the men and women serving more than three terms today have lost sight of the democratic ideas behind working for the people. A fixed term limit will allow true democracy to run free, with a constant flow of fresh ideas, and motivated individuals working for the people. There are a number of issues that have faced the nation recently, but most of them are a little too uncomfortable for career Congressmen to tackle. For example, social security reform, medical drug plans, medical savings plans, universal school choice for competitive schooling, immigration reform including border control, and fraud-proof nationwide voting are all issues that need to be addressed. However, true national debate
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ENG COMP proposal essay 11-21-06 - Ryan Rice ENG COMP II-...

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