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Lauren Kilbert DR. Villa ENGL 101 MWF 10:10-11 10 October 2007 Paper #3 draft Deserving Veterans Suffer Needlessly Imagine risking everything you have, including your life, to protect your own freedom and the freedom of your fellow citizens. Not everyone has the personality or determination to do this day in and day out, so our soldiers are clearly worthy of our praise and appreciation. Our generation considers the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and is being forced to develop a new understanding of security. While many people do not agree with the war in Iraq, myself included, I feel that we as a nation should unite behind our soldiers and military and offer all the support we can. After all, so many soldiers have already given their lives for this cause, would they have wanted it to be in vein? The documentary, “Frontline: The Dark Side” reported on the actions and motives that lead us into the war in Iraq. It portrayed Rumsfeld and Cheney as men who were lying to the nation in order to accomplish a personal agenda. I feel this movie was very bias, but I also think it had a very informative quality about it. After September 11 th , the nation was both scared and revengeful. In my opinion we jumped to conclusions too fast and began to retaliate before we got our information clarified. Furthermore, while I feel Iraq was a serious threat at the time, I do not believe that Hussein and the Taliban should have been linked the way they were. The fact that our government was using falsified information to justify a war effort in Iraq is quite frankly
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pathetic and disturbing. I earnestly believe that we should have, and could have, waited until we
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paper #3 - Lauren Kilbert DR. Villa ENGL 101 MWF 10:10-11...

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