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September 2007 Western Philosophy Definitions 1. What is justice? 2. Where does knowledge come from? 3. Why do you think evil exists in the world? For the longest time I thought that justice was to obey the laws of your country and to do right by others. Alas, no one person can decide what “doing right by others” actually is, therefore: how could we ever actually commit to this? So in that case justice in not undefinable, but rather different than what is expected. Justice to me is the ability to act in a way in which one can be perfectly at peace with themselves. To be kind and listen to what others say. Justice is to give each opportunity a fair chance and each person their own time to explain themselves. Justice has much to do with being fair and kind but one must not be kind in order to be just. To be just means to have moderation in your life, to consider others when making decisions and to strive to
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Unformatted text preview: be happy in all ways which are lawful. It does seem that in order to be just one must be wise, full of knowledge, they must be able to decide for themselves what is the best course and what they need to do to fulfill their potential in their lives. Knowledge therefore comes from life, one cannot be wise if they have no experienced certain rites of passage. They need to learn to love and hate before they can determine what it even is that they want in the world. Knowledge comes from life experience. It comes from the simple and pure desire to experience all that is out there, to enrich the soul and to grow into a greater and more mature person. Not only do people need to read books and experience life to attain knowledge, they need to stop and consider all the events that occur around them....
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